Effective Treatments to Improve Your Periodontal Health

Dr. Jin Kim performs osseous surgery and scaling and root planing treatments to restore your oral health. If you are showing signs of early to moderate stages of gum disease, you may be a good candidate for scaling and root planing therapy as part of your treatment plan. Osseous surgery an option for patients with advanced periodontal disease that have experienced bone loss or bone damage.

Protect your teeth and gums from permanent damage caused by periodontal disease.

How Osseous Surgery Works

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Patients who are in the advanced stages of periodontal disease may benefit from osseous surgery, also known as flap surgery. This procedure involves creating a flap of gum tissue around the area that needs to be treated and then lifting the gums for direct access to the bone. The procedure may be necessary when there is bone damage or bone loss and can effectively smooth out or build up the bone to promote healthy healing.

Scaling and Root Planing Therapy

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If you are in the early stages of gum disease, this form of treatment can reduce pocket depth around the teeth. Scaling and root planing helps keep gum disease from advancing and is often recommended as routine maintenance for patients with gum disease. It is performed under local anesthesia so that we can get below the gum line to remove bacteria and calculus buildup. Calculus below the gum line is removed using an ultrasonic tool. Dr. Kim may recommend a prescription-strength antimicrobial oral rinse after treatment.